The Most Diverse Inventory of Aggregates in Manitoba

At Glacial Aggregates Inc., we offer the widest range of aggregate materials in the province. We have everything from concrete stone to playbox sand and carry large inventory levels to ensure our customers will never run out of material. Please take some time to browse through our products below. 


Concrete Stone (Washed)

  • Very clean washed stone with a good gradation
  • Commonly used for ready-mix concrete for roadways

Asphalt Stone

  • Clean stone, unwashed, even gradation
  • Commonly used in asphalt production

Round Stone (Screened & Washed)

  • Very clean washed stone, all round stone (20mm shown) 
  • No sand or clay, variety of sizes
  • Commonly used for landscaping, drain stone, roofing, playground stone

Field Stone Rip Rap

  • Clean large round stones 
  • Commonly used for landscaping, culvert finishing, storm drain stone

Seal Coat

  • Mixture of stone chips and sand
  • Commonly used in seal coating roadways to protect from the elements

Large Boulders

  • Range in size, various shapes and colours
  • Commonly used in landscaping


Classified Concrete Sand

  • Our highest quality and most consistent concrete sand
  • Well graded, and extremely clean 
  • Commonly used in ready-mix concrete, precast concrete, and concrete blocks

Washed CSA Concrete Sand

  • Well graded sand, extremely clean
  • Commonly used in ready-mix concrete, precast concrete, and concrete blocks

CSA Concrete Sand

  • Well graded, clean sand
  • Less than 3% clay content
  • Commonly used in ready-mix concrete, precast concrete, and concrete blocks

Asphalt Crushed Sand Fines

  • Very well graded sand, 3% - 4% clay content
  • Screened material not washed
  • Makes up the majority of sand material contained in asphalt

VMA Sand

  • An extremely fine, clean sand
  • Mainly used in asphalt production

Playbox Sand

  • Very fine screened sand
  • Used for playgrounds and recreational uses

Masonry Sand

  • Very fine clean sand, contains only a few pebbles
  • Commonly used for masonry sand, mortar sand for brick and block/stone work

Stucco Sand

  • Medium screened sand to meet ASTM C897 spec
  • Used in making stucco

Septic Sand

  • Version of fill sand that meets ASTM C33 spec
  • Used for various sewer and water applications

Compactable Fill Sand

  • Fill sand with a higher level of clay
  • Commonly used as fill in trenches under culverts and drain pipes – high clay content

Fill Sand (Non-Spec)

  • Basic sand, screened, only small amounts stone and clay
  • All-purpose material

Winter Sand

  • Version of fill sand with higher stone content, none bigger than 10mm
  • Mixed with salt or used in sand bags

Treated Winter Sand

  • Winter sand mixed with road salt
  • For a more detailed look at our full winter products list click here
  • Used to melt snow on roadways and parking lots

Block Sand

  • Specialty product
  • Used for making cinder blocks



  • 30% stone, 10% clay, 60% sand mix, good compaction
  • Used as traffic gravel, road construction, driveways, parking lots, and building foundations


  • Similar to A-Base, less stone in general, but bigger stone
  • Used under A Base as sub base and for sewer & water projects, or back fill around foundations

Pit Run (Non-spec)

  • Raw material, clay, sand, and large stones, packs well
  • Used for fill material for all types of construction projects

Sandy Loam

  • Raw sand and soil mixture (approx. 90% sand and 10% soil split)
  • Used for landscaping or fill material for various commercial and private uses

Screened Sandy Loam

  • Sandy loam, screened for large stones, roots, etc. 
  • Used for landscaping or fill material for various commercial and private uses

Crusher Chips

  • Similar to 1/4 down granular, with less stone
  • Used for mainly driveway, pathway, and road work

Concrete Gravel

  • Specialty mix of concrete sand and stone pre-mixed at the pit
  • Used for small contractors or for on-site concrete jobs

1/4" Down Granular

  • Similar to 1/4 down limestone, but made from granular material
  • Use mainly driveway, pathway, and road work

Clay Fill

  • 100% clay material
  • Used for generic fill material

Pit Fill

  • Raw clay, soil, stone, and sand material mixture
  • Used for fill material for holes and landscaping needs


1/4” Down Limestone

  • Crushed limestone
  • Used as a fill material for roadway, parking lot and driveway work

3/4” Down Limestone

  • Crushed limestone 
  • Primarily used as a finishing layer for structural base, roadway, parking lot and driveway work

2” Down Limestone

  • Crushed limestone 
  • Common base material

4” Down Limestone

  • Crushed limestone
  • Structural sub base/fill material

6” Down Limestone

  • Crushed limestone
  • Structural sub base/fill material

3/4" Clean Limestone

  • Crushed and Screened Limestone
  • Used in concrete, landscape and drainage applications

Winter Products Guide

We offer a wide range of winter products to meet your every need. Not only do we have competitive prices but our products are of the highest quality. We make it our top priority to deliver the best possible product every time – this is our promise to you.

Glacial Green Winter Sand

This environmentally friendly low salt product with natural ice melting additives lasts longer, clumps less, and adheres to the road better than traditional winter sand. Made with only 2% salt and our natural ice melting formula Glacial Green is easy on your equipment and tough on ice!

Treated Winter Sand

This is our tried, tested, and true salted sand blend that comes in 5%, 10%, and 15% mixes. We offer all these combinations so we are able to take care of you no matter what you prefer.

Glacial Traction Chips

This environmentally friendly, 100% crushed, salt free product can improve traction on slippery surfaces, offer less tracking into indoor spaces, and is easy to clean up!

Our expert staff is here to answer any of your questions or concerns – contact us today.

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